TBK 2013

Time: Jul 31th to Aug 4th
Place: freiLand Potsdam

Animal/Total Liberation Congress: From Single Issue to Total Liberation.

Fist and paw

Total Revolution: Rethinking Radical Politics for the 21st Century

… A diverse and comprehensive theory of power and domination is necessary for a politics of total liberation, for alliances cannot be formed without understanding how different modes of power overlap and converge. Power is diverse, complex, and interlocking, and it cannot be adequately illuminated from the standpoint of any single group or concern. …

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TBK in Flux: Congress Concept

Comprehensive and Opening

In the tradition of the Tierbefreiungskongresse (Animal Liberation Congresses), on the journey to a Total Liberation across different movements: In this sense the TBK 2013 perceives itself as a first step. We want to highlight social animal liberation in the context of other emancipatory movements. The congress should help both deepen and develop cooperation within abolitionist animal rights and animal liberation movements as well as build bridges with (potential) partner movements and to learn from each other.

Collaborative Congress

In an endeavor to put emancipatory social utopias to the test in the microcosm of a congress, we are adopting, amongst other things, traditions of anarchist and feminist groups and also the Jugendumweltkongresse (Youth Environment Congresses), such as a collaborative orientation. During the preparation for the congress—particularly during the construction week immediately before the congress—as well as during the execution, all participants are invited to get involved both actively and creatively.
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Non-discriminatory Inclusion

Every participant? Everyone! Whether younger or older, communicating in sign language or with a braille display, with child, dog, wheelchair or special dietary requirements, no one should feel like a second or third-class participant. We want to, as far as possible, cater for special requirements and ensure the provision of required support. So that participation is possible irrespective of income, participation, accommodation and catering is free and is financed through donations (see below).

The Start of Something Big

The congress itself, like its individual events, should have an initiative character, namely lay the foundations and offer a connecting factor for continual and long-term activities of existing or developing cooperations, networks and campaigns.

Thematic Threads & Co.


☛ To the preliminary program ☚

A Colourful Kaleidoscope?

When interested newbies and experienced old hands from the animal rights and animal liberation movement mingle with activists from other emancipatory movements who exercise social critique and are anti-domination—is it going to be a varied collection of different workshops and activities? That depends on you, the participants! However, to prevent the congress from wandering off in random directions, and to ensure that it lives up to its premise in terms of content as well, there are thematic highlights, certain thematic threads, with prepared workshops:

Fundamentals and Connection

Through the workshops of this thematic thread we intend to examine the fundamentals of critiques aimed at universal freedom with regard to society, domination and economics, including emancipatory practice in general and animal liberation in particular. On the other hand, the connections with related fields of discrimination and liberation respectively and between movements related to animal liberation and freedom in general should be highlighted. This should happen in such a way that networking initiatives can build on this as directly as possible.

Motive 1: Animal and Children’s Liberation—Ecology of Learning

André Stern was never schooled. Would he have grown up in Germany, he, his siblings and his parents would certainly have been affected by governmental repression including punitive and coercive detention. André’s equally ethically vegan as radically education freedom-oriented movement initiative Ecology of Learning banks on spontaneous (pre-)disposition of the child, its native surgency und playing abilities, and endeavours to put connectedness and confidence back into the centre: since no sustainable development of society and its actors—regardless of species, ancestry, colour or age—should be thinkable without these two elements.“

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Motive 2: Animal Liberation and Anti-Ableism—Workgroup Cage- and Barrier-Free

Liberablix uses a wheelchair. She is reliant on a number of supporting devices and the assistance from other (friendly) humans—and at least partially barred from many social activities respectively handicapped by society, also within the animal liberation scene. Liberablix did co-found the anti-ableist animal liberation project Workgroup Cage- and Barrier-Free which wants to strengthen overarching sensibility and consideration.

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Forms of Action and Skill-Sharing

Whether as an animal liberation movement or as a universal liberation alliance: In order to become more effective, we must broaden our repertoire of actions and develop and optimise our skills in many respects. This is the purpose of the workshops in this thematic thread.

Reflection on the Movement

By critically examining to what degree our actions are in line with our demands and goals, how radical and simultaneously realistic the goals we pursue are, measured against our ideals, which areas of conflict and discrimination, inhibitions and challenges we haven’t been paying enough attention to in our involvement up to this point, we learn to avoid inertia and wrong turns and to make the most of our potential. This thematic thread serves to both deepen and consolidate such reflection.

Networking Blocks

To make sure that everyone doesn’t just go home after the conference without exploiting the possibilities and impulses that will arise from it for common projects, co-operation and campaigns, there are planned windows of time each day for a variety of thematic or regional network initiatives and meetings. This is vital for the long-term development of the animal liberation movement as well as liberation alliances as a whole.

Sociocultural Stuff

If you want to network and co-operate trustingly, you have to get to know each other. Aside from this, day after day of tightly packed workshops without any cultural framework would be just plain boring. ;-) From activist speed-dating through political-historical city tours to evening concerts—loads of variety and the more everyone gets involved, the more fun it’ll be.


Ideas and Drive are in Demand!

A collaborative congress comes alive from the vigor and and the commitment of those participating. There is plenty to do and different types of support and involvement are important and welcome—both with the preparations that are in full swing, as with the construction week before the congress and setting up the TBK on site.


But first of all the TBK has to be well-known and promoted. Inform your friends and acquaintances, give notice at relevant events, over mailing lists, in newsletters and distribute the flyer: tbk2013a5.pdf!


There are different areas and tasks for which helping hands and minds are much-needed. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, every little bit helps and it all adds up. If you want to support the TBK-team, write to us at tbk-orga@riseup.net.

Final Spurt at the Construction Week

The week prior to the congress—the 'construction week'—from the 24th of July on serves as the final preparations on site at freiLand Potsdam, including necessary setting up and arrangement tasks. But there’s plenty to do even for those less technically skilled. If you can, please come during this preparation time and if possible, give us notice using the forms below so we can plan ahead.

Putting some Life into the TBK

At the TBK itself different tasks have to be fulfilled as well, e.g. catering/Vokü/doing the dishes, logistics, documentation of the workshops, protection concept or support for people with special needs, adolescents, elderly people, dogs etc. The earlier you inform us about what you want to help with and/or where you want to put your creative energy into, the better.

It Doesn’t Work Without Money Yet

Luckily we can use the event location for free. However, there are still expenses that can be covered only partially by grants. To enable the participation for everybody free from financial constraints we rely on generous donations. Of course you can donate anonymously on site. But to make it financially more secure, we are asking you to donate in advance. This can be easily done via this platform free of charge: Betterplace (click here). And if you know other sources for funding, contact us via tbk-orga@riseup.net!


Please Notify Us!

Even though a collaborative congress comes alive from spontaneity, to calculate, plan and prepare according to needs, it’s important to know in advance as accurately as possible how many potential participants have which needs and what support we can count on. Therefore we ask you to send us following details as early as possible:

(Almost) Anonymous Microcensus: